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Texas and the Battle of Blackrock, the Blacklist

Continuing our series about the battle between Texas and Blackrock (as well as other anti-energy financial entities), we talk in this episode with the chief financial officer of the state of Texas, Comptroller Glenn Hegar. He defends the Texas law which forbids the state from doing business with financial companies that boycott or otherwise seek to harm oil and gas companies. Comptroller Hegar also explains exactly why Blackrock deserves to be on that list and why the $53 billion school fund was right to divest from Blackrock as an enforcement of the law. Comptroller Hegar and other Texas officials are leading the country in fighting for the economic prosperity of energy producing states. But Texas is also saving short-sighted Wall Street firms headquartered in energy dependent states from themselves, because in the long run, all of America is going to need energy from Texas.

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